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Ziggy Stardust Bath Bomb

Ziggy Stardust Bath Bomb

Collaborate and listen.

HEY! Do you like music? Do you like being clean and smelling good? ME TOO!

But, what do these two things have to do with each other do you ask? Well, As you browse my site something might start to happen in your brain....and to your booty. Just give in and let it happen! Every single one of my items is named after a song and a beat that inspires me and gets this fat bottomed girl moving! Sing along and get nostalgic with the music that moves our souls.


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About The Maker

Good morning star shines, the earth says HELLO! My name is Shanell and I am the brain and sole maker behind Rock & Oil. I am an Idaho native who has moved around the Pac NW but I just love my home state so much! (p.s. Idaho does NOT exist, its all a beautiful LIE!๐Ÿ˜†) I am a culinary graduate who combined my knowledge from being a chef and my passion for cruelty-free living and turned it into what you see before you today.

On the rare occasion I am not in my workroom, you can find me in my bathtub. Seriously, I live there! I also have a huge passion for animal rescue and Legos. Yep, mid 30's and I never grew out of my lego obsession!